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Worn Vintage was founded in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden with the strong belief that fashion can be slow and not seasonal. With a vision to give new life to old and used materials

and be part of the slow fashion movement. 


Worn curates clothes for a contemporary design. Worn is dedicated to contributing to the rise of circular fashion and offers contemporary clothing for the environmentally conscious with a love for fashion.


Worn offers two lines; Worn vintage and Worn design. The collection’s of Worn Vintage are primarily sourced in Stockholm. The second hand and vintage clothes are repaired, reworked and cleaned to prolong the lifespan of every piece of clothing we sell.


Worn Design is our own design in sustainable materials. Every garment is handmade in either recycled, deadstock or vintage. With the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, our brand has very high-quality standards and we work closely with our manufacturing partner to ensure that every piece meets those standards.

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